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Cooking is for the birds... easy. Our supper tonight. Anyone can do this. Bake haddock fillets in knobs of butter with salt and pepper at 220 degrees C uncovered. On the stove, fry one bunch spring onions, coarsely chopped in dash olive oil. Add a ton of chopped garlic, one blanched, peeled tomato cut into cubes and a dash of dry white wine. Simmer. Add the juices from the fish. Add cream. Simmer 'til thickened. Add the fish. Serve with roast potatoes or chips and a salad. If you want to learn how to cook, get an old French cookbook such as Escoffier. Modern celebrity TV 'chefs' have simply ripped off traditional European cuisine as their own and they can't actually cook.
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Don Travis: Me’n Mazie and Nigel

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