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Coming Soon: Protecting Butterfly in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces Operation Alpha Kindle Worlds!


protecting-butterfly2Katya “Butterfly” Amerson lived her life as the cloistered daughter of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. Always correct, always guarded, and never inciting a scandal, she’s had to be the perfect woman. What she really wants is to blow-up her castle and find a life free from inhibition and full of passion. A chance encounter at a dark club in Dubai gives her just the wildness she craves, if only for one night.

Xavier “Heim” Spencer lives for being a SEAL. Dangerous missions, high-stakes assignments, and pleasurable nights all blend together in an adrenaline-laced life he’s addicted to. Until the faceless women who parade through his bed blur into sandy horizons and forgotten moments. One beauty challenges him to accept someone just as scrappy as he is, and more dangerous to boot.

Then she is taken.

Katya’s disappearance, and the reality of who she is to the military community, he never expected. Nor the lengths he would be willing to go to get her back. Now it’s a race against time to save the woman who snatched his heart right out of his chest as terrorists threaten to kill a prisoner for every day the government doesn’t meet their demands.

But SEALs don’t break. They improvise, adapt, and overcome. And Heim risks it all, for his heart and his country.


I’m super excited to be a member of this group, and let me tell you, the books are HAWT!!! Keep a look out for more teasers, excerpts, and special surprises along this journey.


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