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Samcat takes over...

Cheryl here. I'm taking some vacation time this week – off to see a play at the Stratford Festival, visit some galleries, eat some lovely meals (washed down with some very good wine), and just generally catch up on my rest and relaxation. I've asked Sam, my faithful sidekick and bookshelf cat, to keep an eye on things here at stillpoint and maybe tell you a tale or two. Take it away, Sam, the Original link
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animals of The Write Spot 2

The Write Spot began in July of 2015 with a simple question: Where do writers write? Since then, I've had the pleasure ofmeeting two dozen talented authors who've generously invited us into theirpersonal writing spaces and shared their stories. It's been great fun gettingto know the women behind the books.Beyond our mutuallove of reading and writing, I've discovered we also share a Original link
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What kind of romance are you in the mood for?

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world between the covers...

As a child, I had a lively pen pal relationship with my Dad’s Aunt Win who lived in a cottage near Newquay in Cornwall, England. The two of us exchanged dozens of letters over the years and I like to think we knew and understood each other as well as any niece and great aunt could across such a distance. Win was a great lover of books and reading and made it her mission to foster that Original link
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Get Heart's Strum for $0.99 for a limited time. For a limited time only, you can snag Heart's Song for only $0.99  Blurb: For a moment, Jamie held the world, even though it wasn’t his to hold… Jamie has spent his entire life playing the good twin. Now, he’s the one standing out after signing with Guillotine Records. Two years of being on his own in California hasn’t lessened his desire for the man who made it happen. Too bad that man belongs to one of Jamie’s oldest friends. Fate is about to hand him an unexpected chance. After losing everything, Hawke needs a break from reality. Too many lies and heartaches have left him with nothing except nightmares he can’t escape. Seeing Jamie again reminds him of a dif...
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Things are heating up in the sequel to "Hit 'n Run" "The Tables Have Turned" an "Under Suspicion" Novel The double sinks were visible from the bedroom through an open arch. The toilet and shower further in the room were private, separated by a pocket door. Via the vanity, he could see Lorna sitting on the edge of the queen bed, loosening her hair out of the chignon. He chuckled remembering how he had first called the up-do her helmet head. Doing too much at once, he hiccupped and accidently swallowed some toothpaste. “Blah.” He spit, rinsed the brush, and resumed the procedure. He rolled his eyes. Watching her splayed fingers run through the thick mass made it hard to concentrate. The light ...
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Anywhere but here...

The wait for the ultimate beach read is over!Island Ice is here!Ready to trade your skates for flip-flops?Star hockey player Colton Greene might not have a choice...Craving more island fun? Be sure to check out Surprise Me and Submersed. A day at the beach has never been so sexy!Read them for FREE with your subscription to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program! Original link
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Wish you were here...

The countdown to release day begins!Only one week left!Island Ice is available for pre-order at:Inspiration for the book was easy to come by. You know those tropical wall calendars you see in the stores every year? Well, this iconic photo of a palm tree stretching over the water is exactly where I picture Avery and Colton stranded on the island...I think it's somewhere in Original link
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#Be_Witched is #FREE

    Pick this up through 7/15 for FREE   Original link
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The Write Spot: Linda Wiken

Welcome back to The Write Spot, a bi-weekly author series spotlighting the many and varied places where writers write. My special guest for this twenty-fourth edition is mystery author Linda Wiken, aka Erika Chase. Good to have you with us, Linda! A former mystery bookstore owner, Linda turned her computer to writing. As Erika Chase, she has penned five Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries Original link
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Book Two: The "Gentle Surf" Series

​An excerpt from "From the Front Desk" Wendee sat up, dropped his hand, and twisted to face him. “There is nothing soft about standing up for someone you love and standing by your integrity.” Toby looked down at his legs, feet crossed at the ankles. He laced his fingers together and rested them on his lap. “There was no integrity in what I did.” “Nor what they did to your sister.” Wendee shot back and her eyes flashed. “If you had it to do all over again…would you do anything differently?” Silence sat between them like a wall. In his mind’s eye he saw his sister. Her normally clever features and quirky smile alight with teasing vanquished behind the pale features of a stranger who’s very ess...
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Hockey Books Giveaway!

I'm giving away a signed copy of both Fresh Ice and Wild Ice over on Goodreads. This is the last book giveaway I'm doing this year, so be sure to enter for your chance to win. Here's the info: .goodreadsGiveawayWidget { color: #555; font-family: georgia, serif; font-weight: normal; text-align: left; font-size: 14px Original link  
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From the Front Desk

A excerpt from book two of the "Gentle Surf" series... Toby’s curiously got the better of him. Taking the employee stairwell, he walked towards the hotel lobby. His step slowed on the carpeted hallway as he considered what he would say to her—this mystery woman who kissed like a long-lost lover on the beach. Certainly, he couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy it. Nor, would he say he didn’t want to enjoy a kiss like that again in the future, though his common-sense cautioned him against such thoughts. Toby paused before turning the corner to where the front desk took up most of the facing wall. He’d walked these floors so many times, yet now, everything felt different. All of a sudden, there was a gi...
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Be Witched is OUT TODAY

  Amazon iTunes Kobo Barnes and Noble   a Rafflecopter giveaway Original link
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Sea Breeze

​~A excerpt from Chapter One: Elleah spanned her hand across her brow to massage her temples. Breathing through her nose, she struggled to maintain her calm as she faced her brother’s misguided indignation. In her quest for independence, she had chosen to use their mother’s maiden name as her own. “Jaundoo,” Arthur barked and marched towards the hotel door. He paused, hand on the brass knob, turned, and trod back into the room to face her. “You’re a Mellon , Elleah, and should be proud of it.” His temper reminded Elleah of when they were kids—arms overlapped across his barrel chest, nostrils flared. Red splotches colored his cheeks and her brother’s yellow-flecked, deep green eyes burned wit...
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​Why won’t those women just shut up? When is enough, enough? When equality is achieved! But wouldn’t life be easier if we just let it go, stop harping and be satisfied. No! Suffragette is a word which brings to mind mad women rioting in the streets, being arrested, and causing general unrest amongst the accepted norm. Today, we are feminist. But to think that we are less than century since women were granted the opportunity to vote here in Canada, I am so eternally grateful to those women who were willing to endure hunger strikes, beatings, the loss of family and friends, and many their lives, so we can have the same opportunity as our male counterpart.   Let’s not forget though, even when w...
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