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In the midst of spring blossom

A poem by my father, Zeev Kachel We pass by each other without speaking, dumblyWe look at each other—blindlyLoneliness crying out of our eyesBut we keep on, silently.Each one of us carrying a load Each one suffering, utterly slowedEach one going on, down this road See there, a couple just passed in embrace.We used to walk this way, do you still remember?You looked forward to my coming.In the midst of spring blossom, here's the sorrow of fall.And the recognition that it's all over.Today, between us came a wall.Now, never to return, life has allBut passed. That is fall.No one to shake a hand, no one to give a nod.You and me, through this isolation we plod.It's fall: all flawed.&...
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The World Poetry & Forests Day

Today is both the World Poetry Day and The World Forest Day, so it looks like the right time for doing something featuring both verses and forests.But I’m not so hot on poetry – a few contemporaries, some classic Japanese and Chinese poems, and then of course Poe, John Donne and that other chap, that Shakespeare. But I found something that in my opinion fits this blog, and my current mood, and is from a great great writer that is not so popular anymore, alas: George Meredith, who gave us The Shaving of Shagpat and, of course, Diana of the Crossways.He was also a poet, and wrote this, which is called Forest History. Enjoy, and happy Poetry & Forest day.Forest History, by George MeredithI....
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