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Kill the Teachers, Mexico’s Bloody Repression of Human Rights, Robert Joe Stout’s intimate portrayal of protest and repression in Oaxaca. First hand experiences and on the spot interviews. Awesome! Says 5-star reviewer. Original link
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Awesome Book

Here’s what an Amazon reviewer says about Kill the Teachers As more people come up through the southern border, no matter what side of politics you are on you should not be ignorant to the facts presented in the book. There is a reason people are starving in Mexico where the president of Mexico is healthy, fat and happy. There is a reason and we are not helping those who cannot come to the U.S. by looking the other way as some sneak through the border. It is not compassionate to allow Mexicans to come to the U.S. to be our slaves here with low wages or barely able to survive Medicaid/welfare while they send earned income back to Mexico and build up this corrupt government’s coffers. Though o...
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Want a free ebook copy of Kill the Teachers, the dynamic nonfiction revelations of human rights repressions in Mexico? It’s yours in exchange for a brief review.Give me a “Yes, I do,” and it will be yours! Original link
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June 24, 25 only: Kill the Teachers, Mexico’s Bloody Repression of Human Rights. Eye witness accounts and on the spot interviews detail the mini-war triggered by an attack by hundreds of armed police on a teachers’ union sit-in. Arrests, imprisonments without trial and dozens of assassinations continue. “An explosive read!” one reviewer comments. See Original link
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Just Released!

Kill the Teachers by Robert Joe Stout An attack by heavily armed Mexican federal police on unarmed civilians culminated nearly eighty years of repressive political rule that impoverished the state of Oaxaca and made virtual kings of its governors. Kill the Teachers takes readers inside this conflict with eye witness accounts and on the spot interviews. Touching, exciting, a must read adventure. Original link
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May Day Kindle Book Release!

Kill the Teachers, Mexico’s Bloody Repression of Human Rights chronicles the dramatic citizen uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico from its inception through the massacre in Nochixtlán in 2017 with journalistic clarity. Author Robert Joe Stout served on emergency human rights delegations, witnessed many of the events and interviewed participants and survivors of arrests, torture and incarceration. Original link
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Mexican Justice?

Mexico’s repression of public protest has deepened with the passage of new laws granting the armed forces unlimited powers to reprimand, curtail and incriminate whoever they please. Military personnel have been involved in nearly a dozen massacres and mass arrests during the past ten years, one of which I wrote about in Where Gringos Don’t Belong ( The following is an excerpt from the novel based on actual events: “Jorge, it’s Juana Juárez. How are you?”          “Bien,” he responded instinctively, picturing Pati’s mother in the nineteenth century livingroom of their Mexico City home. “Have you..?” “Yes, they let me see h...
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Blogging from A to Z: L is for LaLaurie Mansion Fire

At the corner of what is now Royal Street and Governor Nichols Street stands a three-story mansion with a beautifully carved white door and wrought-iron Spanish-style railings around the second story gallery.  It is a private home, once owned by Nicolas Cage, and there are no tours offered. Now why, you might be asking, would someone want to tour this house?  Well, I’ll tell you: it is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in New Orleans.   Here’s why. On April 10, 1834, a fire broke out in the cookhouse of the mansion at the corner of Royal and Hospital streets, which belonged to Doctor Leonard LaLaurie and his wife, Delphine McCarty LaLaurie.  Delphine was a...
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