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Like millions of fans, I loved the Twilight series.  I was hooked from the beginning of book one, and I had to pace myself from then on in order to stretch the story out rather than finishing the series in a few days.  Some of my friends and I joked about needing a support group when we did finish--it was that addictive!  

As a paranormal romance author myself, I thought a lot about what elements of the story arc made the series so compelling to so many readers.  And a few years later, when an idea for a Young Adult Paranormal Romance wound its way into my imagination and wouldn't let go, I decided to write it, even though YA is not my usual genre.  The end result was a story of forbidden love and supernatural secrets involving revenge, romance, and a rogue fallen angel...Divine Fall.  

"This delicious YA novel was filled with in history, suspense, and
enough twists to keep the reader turning the pages" ~ BTS Book Reviews

When initial editorial reviews came in comparing the story to Twilight and The Mortal Instruments, I was overjoyed!  This title won the Reader's Choice Award in the YA category at The Romance Reviews, and earned Finalist Positions for both The Reader's Crown Award and the Red Carpet Book Awards.  It even got a shout-out from the prestigious BookBub site, naming Divine Fall as one of "14 Books to Get You in the Mood for Fall".

"Reminded me of Twilight...reads quickly with action and romance"
~ Read for Your Future

This title is currently 99c, and part of a "Books for Fans of Twilight" Book Fair, along with eleven other titles to appeal to readers of YA Paranormal Romance and Fantasy.  Check out the link below and grab some new reads...many available for less than a buck or for free!

Review for Firenze’s Light

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