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Book Series – Awesome or a Flop or Somewhere in Between?

Davida Chazan blogged about reading series on The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog Here and Here

Responding to her prompted me to write a blog of my own.


Somewhere in Between: I read several of the #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books before I finally tired of them. (He shouldn’t have written so many!) I did like them because, although they were in Botswana and I lived in Mali, the books presented a picture of the gentle side of Africa and were in many ways a journey down memory lane — i.e. I enjoyed them for the nostalgia.




Awesome:  I discovered and fell in love with The Mrs. Polifax series and read every single one in order. If you decide to try them, start with the first — The Unexpected Mrs. Polifax. I am now the proud owner of a copy of the first edition (1966) which I found in a book exchange in small town Mexico.




Flop? I did read and enjoy The Hunger Games, but had no desire to go beyond that first book. I don’t really know if that makes it into the flop category, but it was for me.





What about my own series? I had always dreamed of writing a book so one day I did –EMBATTLED. Beings from “out there somewhere” take over a woman’s life giving her superpowers to “fix” the world. When I finished the book, I felt that the story was incomplete so I ended up writing three more books, but the heroine is a different person in each book which I think that makes it more intriguing.


Can two books be a series? I wrote a little mystery (Brit’s dream was to go to college. Instead she’s working in a nursing home and hunting a killer) and again, decided old lady Flo, inmate of the nursing home, deserved to tell her tale l so wrote a second book. (When rebel leader, Sidu Diagho, learns that reporter Flo Mc Allister has died, he knows that her power to destroy him is still very much alive.) Not sure if these constitute a series or not, but they are good reads.














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