At times, circumstances force a person to make decisions, just to be safe or survive. After a fort massacre, a small group of people found them in that exact place. Either they comply with the half-breed's wishes or die. Simple enough but when a woman is used as a bargaining chip for their safety then consequences will follow. Afterwards, those choices become burdens, even scorn when normality returns. 
A heartfelt story with so many twists that your empathy for the main character strengthened through the storyline. 
The first book laid the foundation for all three the books within the boxset, and I thoroughly enjoyed this suspense-filled/ adventurous stories when Louisiana was still in its infant shoes. The characters were realistic as they each found their place. 

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The elegant writing within this book was just a joy to read. The easy and orderly fashion allowed each word to flow with a rhythmic pace, keeping you glued to the story.

And what a story. It is unique and from a different point of view without the violence, one would expect with the topic. But subtle and empathic as the author takes you into the mind of an abused child from the eyes of a grown-up.

Once I started with the book, I simply good not put it down.
This book has been on my Kindle for seven years, but once I finally got to it, I was mesmerized.
Thank you for the freebie, at the time. I am looking forward to more from this author.

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This was an amazing story with so much diversity that kept the suspenseful pace gripping for more, throughout the book. I will definitely buy the next books in the series.
This story really touched every aspect of betrayal and lies to the next level. The four main characters were very supportive as they had to grow in their own place. Each really touching another aspect of lies and change it to victory.
Though the writing was good, the repetitiveness got to me at times, and the reason I could not give it a 5-star rating.
Otherwise, a very good plot with great characters that made the story realistic and believable.
Thanks for the freebie back in 2012.

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