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Darkness: The Lower Energies of the Universe

Darkness: The Lower Energies of the UniverseLet’s imagine for a moment that we are in Heaven or Nirvana or whatever you imagine it to be. Now think about being there for a period of time. I would like to start with 80 years. So for 80 years I have lived in perfect bliss. No worries, no problems, no heartache, no pain, just pure uninterrupted bliss. Now let’s imagine being there for 150 years. There are still no worries, or sorrow, no problems, no pain. What if we imagined being there for 5000 years? Would it still be bliss? Would the feelings and experience of bliss change at all? Would it remain the same? And if it remained the same would we be able to know that it was bliss after a period ...
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