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Guest Post: A Special Chemistry

Guest author SandraCarey Cody writes about the bond between people and their pets…WhenCheryl invited me to share a pet memory for her blog, I was delighted. Itseemed such an easy thing to write about. It didn’t turn out quite that way.How do you choose a single memory out of years of pet love? Which pet do youwrite about? They’re all special in their own way and they’ve all addedOriginal link
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school dazed...

On a scaleof one to ten, where ten meant "favourite thing ever" and one meant"bane of my existence", school consistently ranked a lowly one or twoin my books. Sometimes it managed to slide right on down into negative numbers.Mine was a passionate aversion. So intense that, even now, decades after leavingthe hallowed halls forever, I'm still haunted by the icy fingers of anxiety atthisOriginal link
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mystery in my history...

I keep an antique chest beside my bed. It'ssmall – only eight by twelve inches and five inches deep – and it's showing itsage with bumps and scars. Even so, it's a real beauty, hand crafted from dark burled wood with mother-of-pearl inlayon the top and around the key hole. A hand lettered card glued inside the lidreads:M.S. Gainfortfrom I. SawyerChristmas1867I'llOriginal link
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Guest Post: a day in Venice...

One of the Big Things on myever-growing retirement wish list is travel. Faraway places beckon: Cornwall,Paris, Maui... So many choices! No doubt I'll eventually drag myself out of the wishful/dreamingstage and take off. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my 'staycation' while feeding my wanderlust with thephotos and journals of traveling friends. Here's Ian McCallum's tale of a dayspent walkingOriginal link
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animals of The Write Spot 3

Thisedition of The Write Spot is allabout cats, dogs, raptors, chickens, and the memory of a very good horse. "Butwait," I hear you asking. "What's with all the critters? Isn't The Write Spot about the many and variedplaces where writers write?"  Why, yes. Yes,it is. And I hope you've enjoyed meeting the twenty-four authors who've visitedso far as much as I have. It's been greatOriginal link
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Samcat takes over...

Cheryl here. I'm taking some vacation time this week – off to see a play at the Stratford Festival, visit some galleries, eat some lovely meals (washed down with some very good wine), and just generally catch up on my rest and relaxation. I've asked Sam, my faithful sidekick and bookshelf cat, to keep an eye on things here at stillpoint and maybe tell you a tale or two. Take it away, Sam, theOriginal link
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animals of The Write Spot 2

The Write Spot began in July of 2015 with a simple question: Where do writers write? Since then, I've had the pleasure ofmeeting two dozen talented authors who've generously invited us into theirpersonal writing spaces and shared their stories. It's been great fun gettingto know the women behind the books.Beyond our mutuallove of reading and writing, I've discovered we also share aOriginal link
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world between the covers...

As a child, I had a lively pen pal relationship with my Dad’s Aunt Win who lived in a cottage near Newquay in Cornwall, England. The two of us exchanged dozens of letters over the years and I like to think we knew and understood each other as well as any niece and great aunt could across such a distance. Win was a great lover of books and reading and made it her mission to foster that Original link
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The Write Spot: Linda Wiken

Welcome back to The Write Spot, a bi-weekly author series spotlighting the many and varied places where writers write. My special guest for this twenty-fourth edition is mystery author Linda Wiken, aka Erika Chase. Good to have you with us, Linda! A former mystery bookstore owner, Linda turned her computer to writing. As Erika Chase, she has penned five Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries Original link
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