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Better days are coming....

#Lockdown means I can enjoy walks with the dogs in the Spring sunshine and my, isn't it lovely, the warm rays on my face after a long and damp Winter. Yesterday, as we hoiked ourselves up the hill, the hounds panting loudly, I was reminded of the passage in the Bible about  the birds always having enough to eat, so why should we worry? We came upon dozens of oak seedlings carpeted under the parent tree, their nascent, pale green leaves, straining towards the sun.  The local red squirrels in France can often be seen jumping from tree to tree and this Winter, had a surfeit of acorns to gorge on and forgive the pun, squirrel away. Any that were left over germinated into saplings, nature renewing its eternal promise of hope and of better days to come.  Don't despair, don't worry, go for a walk in the woods and see what the future holds.
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