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Beautiful Britain

Photo copyright SvD.

What a shame that we Brits constantly complain about the weather as if it's a curse. Every twenty years or so we get an outstanding Summer where the vegetables actually mature rather than rot and the tomatoes go red in the fields. This year's Summer was glorious and the Autumn has not been too shabby either. I spend my weekends driving around the countryside, stopping at pubs with my love and our two dogs. We've hardly had to seek out the roaring fire indoors except once and usually will sit outside or finish our lagers and head off with the hounds for a casual stroll along the canals. Have you caught the clue as to where this photo could be? It's not on the Continent that's for sure. Britain is a beautiful, magical place to get to know- ancient churches, moody weather that lends itself to strong ale and introspection. And to the millennials in London, a place that is foreign to the calm and charm of the countryside, I say this- there's more to life than the Big Smoke. Explore and fall in love with our green and pleasant land. You might actually learn to be proud to be British.


© Words and photos copyright Samantha van Dalen

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