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At the Stroke of Nine O’Clock – Jane Davis

Read a book by Jane Davis: These Fragile Things. 

Think: Amazing. Riveting. So well written. Doesn’t get any better than this.

Read another book by Jane Davis: A Funeral for an Owl.

Think: Complex. Amazing characterizations. So well written. Doesn’t get better than this.

When you’ve read all of her books and think Davis can’t possibly outdo herself, she writes a new book.

And it’s even better. How does she do it?

The magic of Davis’ writing is hard to define. It’s not just in what she says. The power comes from what she doesn’t say, but hints at. She gives the reader enough that the “missing bits” serve to strengthen the   characters and plot in the reader’s mind.

The quote on the cover sums it up well.


6 Principles for Writing Historical Fiction | Jane...

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