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A YA book for the end of the holidays?

And Alex Still Has Acne is my novel for Young Adults that has been an Amazon best-seller, and was re-published by Solstice Publishing in 2018. It’s a short, chirpy, read with a feel good ending, but a few dark episodes along the way: acne, adoption, alcohol, and anorexia, to mention just the things beginning with ‘a’. Plenty going on as well as the usual problems of growing up, and dealing with with schools and parents who just don’t understand. Ideal, you may think, as a quick read before going back to school!

What is the novel about? Here’s what it says on the back cover.

Life for fourteen year old Alex is OK most of the time. He enjoys school, has a best friend Sam, and a pretty and only mildly irritating younger sister, Nicky. But then Sam starts acting strangely, and so does Nicky – and both insist on sharing secrets with him and making him promise not to tell anyone. Then Nicky goes missing and only Alex feels he knows where to find her. But is Sam anywhere around to help?

And Alex Still Has Acne is available as an e-book, or in print form, from Amazon Books (and via this blog).

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