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5 Star review for Eternal Deception by Jane Steen, Book 2 in the series

I am really impressed with the author's writing ability. From the moment I read the first book in the series - a freebie on Kindle, I struggled to put it down. 
The unfolding saga of the three women, this time on the prairie, mesmerized you. It is filled with intrigue, adventure and a budding romance. 
You get involved in Eleanor Lillington's story. Uniquely written, it gives you a very good idea of life for an unwed mother back in the day. The care she took to design a new life for herself with her 4-year-old daughter and the dear Tess. Tess has become a strong character in her own right which I admire greatly. 
Sarah's own character develops as the story grows, literally growing with the book and a pleasure to witness. 
But my admiration for Nelly is at the forefront. Her willingness to take on new ventures in the midst of people's views elevates her above her peers. Putting them aside to really care for her small family the best she can. Just as with her daughter, she grows in stature dealing with life as it comes along. Her strong willpower and dedication set her apart from other women. 
Martin's character hovers still in the background but yet stays prominent. The author's creative writing always bring him to the forefront and I can not help but admire this man. Since day one, he was Nelly's protector and beneficiary. His love and care visible in the letters he sent. 
Really a great series I can recommend to all history lovers. 
Can't wait to see what happens next with this small group, on their way to new ventures; hopefully with a romance that will bring these group even closer.  

Storm watch and the useless Internet

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