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2020 Commencement Address

A Special Address from Bishop C.E. Melville:

A Personal Testimony of Praise and Thanksgiving

I wish I could write a somber post, but I can only state that I was always blessed, and for this I am eternally grateful to God, for His love and tender mercies.

Thanksgiving Meaning: the expression of gratitude, especially to God (

Growing up in the foster care system only offered me one way out, and it was through education. I found myself dreaming what it would be like to be a teacher, a nurse, or someone really big. I wanted make an impact in the life others. Though many thought I was different, I was just a little girl with big dreams. I knew that my beginning wasn't going to be my ending. My birth parents had abandoned me at 2 months old, and I was subsequently placed in the foster care system.

Circa 1981. I was 9 years old here, with my Brother Calvert (R), Deaf, and now deceased (12/02/1965 - 04/06/2002)

CHS - St. Croix Central High School Class of 1990.

RFD #2 Kingshill, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Miraculously, I was placed in the home of a loving woman in whose eyes I saw a big world without limits. As I grew I became aware of my surroundings, and listened to the stories told by the elders of my community, all of which encouraged me to focus on my dream and worked diligently to make them a reality. I worked hard in school despite distractions by my raging adolescent hormones, and the reality of not really knowing much about the family I came from, discerning a foe from a friend, and most importantly understanding myself (aka insecurities). Nevertheless, I persevered and it seemed as though I was accomplishing my dreams. I graduated from high school with honors, and received a full scholarship. I was on my way to living out my dreams.

Unfortunately, life struck with some hard lessons. I made poor...Read More

Candyman Official Trailer 2020

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