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2019/2020 Update

It’s been forever since I posted a comprehensive update on my writing, so long in fact, that I don’t remember writing it.

Without further ado, here’s what’s happened and what will be going on for the next six months. I’ll be adding to the list, but the items below are recently done, or already in the works.

Visuals of:
"International Review of Books" - The Korpes File review. 
"Chanticleer Reviews" - Winter Issue
Listings for Reviews in progress and upcoming events for "The Korpes Agenda"
Announcement of having reached the second goal marker on Patreon.
NaNoWriMo Winner Design.

I took the raw draft of book three as my date to NaNoWriMo this year and managed to cobble together just over 60k worth of new material from it. I’m still writing, but I’ve won this year’s challenge. With any luck, this means book 3 will be in the hands of beta-readers early next year.

That’s it for now.
J. I. Rogers

Ancient incarnations of death
Counting down to Christmas with Advent calendars

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