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The Murder Hobos – Episode 67 – Family

The sound of feet shuffling on the floor woke Thia hours later. Opening her eyes, she caught sight of a young woman moving through a door she’d not noticed earlier. “Hello?”“Just a moment,” the woman said. “Let me put the towels down.”Pushing off the blankets, Thia froze. Blood was caked on her hands and under her fingernails. Herasta’s blood.Memories of what she’d done while drugged assaulted her. Bile rose in her throat as she saw the stained sheets. Frantically, she shoved them away.“Matron had me get a bath ready for you,” the woman said as she came into the room. “And there’s a clean dress in there that should fit you.”Thia looked up at her, her heart racing in fear. “Matron?” she stamm...
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Music Monday: “Everyday People”

Hi, everyone. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know how much I love Playing for Change. Their rendition of Sly and the Family Stone’s “Everyday People” actually made me cry this morning. Even though I’m an introvert, the shelter-in-place is starting to get to me. Seeing so many joy-filled faces in community felt good … even as it reminded me of what I’m missing.Original link

Inteachán – Book Four: The Strikethrough Lemniscate 4: 12 ‘one of the world’s most wondrous weapons’

But Inteachán won’t let the darkness win.Not ever.Why should she?How could she?For if the darkness wins then we are lost and if we are lost then that is well and truly that.But that isn’t that yet and Inteachán is currently all that stands between the darkness and us.‘Come on,’ she shivered. ‘Why won’t you catch?’Her small hands were numb with the cold and the clinging darkness held her tight in place.But free will is one of the world’s most wondrous weapons, especially in a child, and so the cold and the numbness and the panic and the darkness all fell away around her like snow from a shaken bough and in the moment that followed this all Inteachán could see and think and feel was how she wa...
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Are You a Senior Looking for Love?

You are never too old to find true love? You have probably heard it by now that the producers of The Bachelor are creating a new dating show for on the go men and women over 65 years of age searching for love. For more details, go to link

What normal now looks like

So, today’s day 10 since the company I work for closed the store. Given that our Governor closed down the state for at least 2 weeks, I’ve got another 11 days minimum to go. Add to that the federal government is saying to keep at social distancing through April, and it’s more like 30 day.This is what normal now looks like, people.Video chats to be able to stay connected with friends. Walking the neighborhood just to get out of the house. Trying not to get obsessed over stats for my blog. Playing D&D online instead of in person. Limiting the runs to the store to once a week to keep exposure risk at a minimum.I have friends who are living in their pajamas. They haven’t worn shoes (or bras) for...
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Gift for Mom

Don't miss this opportunity! Join us as a GOING guestFor a chance to win aGift for MomAudiobok extravaganza A select group of authors has joined forces with meTo bring you amazing audiobooksJust in time for Mother's Day! Uvi PoznanskyThe Music of UsOverdoseThe  Edge of RevoltMarriage before DeathAllen KentStraits of the BetweenJ.C. FieldsThe Dark TrailA Lone WolfBarbara SilkstoneMiami MummiesMister Darcy's HoneymoonMy Fair LizzyMister Darcy's SecretAva ManelloSevered AngelCarnal DesireStrip TeaserColleen MooneyRescued by a KissDead and BreakfastDrive Thru MurderDeath by Rum BallsLinnea TannerApollo’s RavenDagger’s DestinyAmulet's RaptureLibby Fischer HellmannA Shot to Die ForKathryn KnightTh...
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Writing news in the lockdown

Yeay, I am an April Featured Writer in The Horror Zine with my COTARD short story set in Venice. I’m honoured also because the Bram Stoker Award winner Elisabeth Massie is in there too.Cotard is a real syndrome where people think they are already dead – what a theme for a short story, I couldn’t resist it. FREE for those of you who fancy a mild horror tale to escape the more grim real life horror out there. NewsHaving to stay indoors except for a bike ride or hike in a day is normal life for most of us writers. Yes, we need food and whisky to be brought in by someone younger and healthier and the news is rather...
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The Murder Hobos – Episode 66 – A Homecoming

Thia took a deep breath and looked around the courtyard as Pan’s mother spoke with Jinnaari. A prince? And not just a prince, but the heir to the kingdom? She felt the muscles in her jaw clench. Something else he hadn’t bothered to tell her.She began to wonder just how well she knew him, after all.“Thia,” Pan’s mother’s voice broke through her thoughts.“I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I didn’t hear the question.”“How fares my brother? Your father? We haven’t had word from him in some time.”“He died,” she said. “Fifteen years ago, this past spring.”A shadow passed over the older woman’s face. “I feared as much. I will not press you, niece. But, at some time when you are able, I would like to know...
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India & California

A little music today.It’s Sunday, after all.Let’s relax and enjoy…(this one goes well with Hope & Glory, my Indian steampunk roleplaying game)Original link

Inteachán – Book Four: The Strikethrough Lemniscate 4: 11 ‘ceremental’

Picture the version of this story that is the film and here the editor cuts from an extreme close shot of the flint’s flicker to an impossible wide shot of the space as the camera is held high on high and looking down as if from a celestial point of view.There is no next cut and this wide shot remains in place. We begin to read the darkness as an apocalyptic one, ceremental in the way in which it covers everything with its cling from the grave.Original link

Make the Most of Your Isolation and Write Your Memoir.

The Coronavirus has forced us to spend more time with our ‘loved ones’ than we may find truly congenial. It has also left many of us who don’t live with said loved ones spending far too much time on our own. Fascinating though we are to ourselves – come on, admit it, who else do you spend as much time thinking about? – this too can get a bit tedious. So why not make the most of this forced confinement and write your memoir?Don’t labour under the illusion that you are likely to find a commercial publisher, but it will occupy the time, and should be of considerable interest to your children, grandchildren, and descendants yet to come. Future historians, if they come across it, will find it a t...
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Ayden K. Morgen – Kill for You

Today, author Ayden K. Morgan is guesting. Find out who her favourite book detectives are.  And be sure to check out her latest release Kill for You, book two in the A Warrior For Her series, a romantic suspense. Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** My Favorite Book Detectives Guest Post by Ayden … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird


  Frozen in place. Dripping tears for centuries. Memories of a lifetime. Praying for salvation. A frown for eternity. Will her tears sprout a garden for The Dead?   THE DEAD GAME Series by Susanne Leist THE DEAD GAME … Continue reading →Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist


Spinning. Turning. Rotating. Circling me. Clouds. Birds. Sky. Circling me. I can feel the earth moving. The trees trembling. The grass shivering. Circling me.Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist


  Nature takes its path, removing the trash. Enough humans for now. So, take a final bow. Let Mother Nature work to restore the earth to what it was before.Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist

The Murder Hobos – Episode 65 – The Fight

“Damn it, Jinnaari!” Pan screamed at the paladin. Thia staggered toward one of the prisoners; her naked body splattered with blood from the woman she’d killed as they arrived. The curved dagger she held slashed at the air in front of her. She was on drugs; Pan knew that much. That the paladin had ignored her and moved on Lolth angered him. “You’re the only one who can save her! If you let my cousin die or become one of that bitch’s followers, I’ll make sure Bahamut knows you let her die!”Drawing on his own magic, he summoned an invisible creature and sent it after one of the Drow closest to him. Maybe, just maybe, he could use it to keep Thia safe somehow. “This is your last warning, paladin...
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Enough of this

When this whole quarantine/lockdown started, I set out to write a mini-series of short stories, 4 stories in 8 days. It was fun, sort of a show of strength. I wrote and published the first three in less than a week, and then all of a sudden the body count started rising, and we were all locked up at home, and I decided the last of the series could wait.Meanwhile, over my social networks, everybody tarted publishing post-apocalyptic stories about viruses, pandemics and assorted infections. And I sort of got tired of the game.It’s a method to exorcise the fear and the anxiety, sure – but as people keep dying and jobs vanish leaving people with bills and mortgages to pay, anxiety and fear can o...
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60% off Series Starters Romance eBook Sale

Need something to read while you're staying home and staying safe?As part of Smashwords' Authors Give Back Sale, I'm offering several of my series starters for 60% off!Mama's Ink (Tattooed by Love, Book 1), Riley's Rebel (Bad Boys of Hockey Trilogy, Book 1), and Underneath It All (Thorne Creek, Book 1) are all on sale until April 20th.#stayhomeandreadOriginal link

Inteachán – Book Four: The Strikethrough Lemniscate 4: 10 ‘a tiny broken tree’

Wehave all panicked. All of us. Trying to stay calm. Collected. Unaffected. Trying not to let something bother us. But the bothersome normally beats us. And begins to transform the rhythm of our lives and as we fail to stay calm everything about our experience begins to accelerate and what we thought was once sensible and normal  now becomes none of these things and our breaths get shorter and we find that things take longer and we try harder and they take longer again and the more we try the more we don’t succeed and the more we don’t succeed the faster the feeling of panic fills up and begins to overflow now spilling into our ears and making it to hard to hear and our eyes and we struggle ...
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Historical Fiction Spotlight: The Silken Rose: Beware the She-Wolf from Provence (The Rose Trilogy) by Carol McGrath

Available for pre-order from Amazon UK and Amazon USThey called her the She-Wolf From Provence. She'd shape the destiny of England ...1236. Ailenor of Provence, cultured and intelligent, is only thirteen when she meets her new husband, Henry III of England. A foreign and friendless princess in a strange land she is determined to please him. And she knows that when the times comes she must provide an heir, to secure the throne against those who would snatch it away.Rosalind, a commoner skilled in the arts of needlework and embroidery, catches the young queen's attention and a friendship blossoms. But she is unprepared for the dangerous ramifications of winning the queen's favour ...As closene...
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