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Do No Harm: Outcome by @BarbaraEbel

Diana Devlin scanned the September night from the window of her Cessna 402 as the twin-engines purred. She enjoyed listening to the smooth and familiar motors. The mechanical music was like a fine symphony to her ears and part of her fastidious nature wanted to make sure nothing sounded amiss before she commanded her plane to cruise at 200 knots. Her passengers seated themselves in four of the six seats and placed their equipment, paperwork, and white jackets on the available floor space. She smoothed a soft wisp of butterscotch hair away from her forehead and peered outside to the FAA control tower and fixed-base operator office at Standiford Field. She would be back home in Louisville by m...
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Connecting With a Brilliant Author!

Connections. Isn’t that the entire reason for the Internet and all the various, social media sites? Here's a bizarre tale of a tale : The other day, we had a new LED bulb that went dark in the kitchen. I got on a chair with a wooden spoon and pushed the bulb, gently towards the ceiling, a tiny bit. It had lost its connection. When we flipped the switch on the wall, the bulb lit up like magic. Oddly, this was a precursor to a special connection I was about to make that very same day! You see, I have read a few books by my friend author Barbara Roman, but never thought I'd be lucky enough to meet her in person. I love reading many different types of books, but somehow, I’m especially drawn to ...
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A Little Advice for New Authors

Fellow author Amy Neftzger recently wrote a column for a writer’s group that I belong to called BookDaily in which she provided some good advice for novice writers. Amy is an author of fiction for both adults and children and you can find out more about her and her work at her website: I thought I would share her prescient thoughts with you so I am turning my blog over to her for today. Amy Neftzger Starting Out As a Writer: 5 Things You Should Know By Amy Neftzger Becoming an author is a long road to walk, and most people have no idea how long it takes to become successful or what they need to do when traveling this road. There are a lot of different ways to get ...
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Better than TV

I've lived without a TV for over a decade. Apart from refusing to contribute to the outrageous salaries of BBC staff, I object to being told what to think. What and how I think is the last true freedom I have. Not being glued to a television means I can read, cook delicious meals from scratch  walk my dogs for hours on end, listen to some snappy guitar playing and enjoy after supper scrabble. We argue and laugh a lot playing scrabble and we're happier for it. Photos copyright SvD. Original link


© WordsandphotoscopyrightSamanthavanDalen

The Eleventh Film – Horror/Science Fiction Flash Fiction Series

The Eleventh Film XVII This was the world’s last great expedition. The territory was not uncharted. All was familiar. But it was just no longer feasible. She reached the Library and spent her days and nights exploring texts, poring over cuneiform – desperately trying to decipher long-lost languages without so much as a phrase book. She probed and pondered. For a while she was certain of making progress. A letter here. A symbol there. Sometime a sentence promised to offer up a partial truth. Other times that same sentence became devoid of anything. The process became so arduous that one by one the lexicographer’s party fell prey to unknown ailments. One person fell asleep awake forever. Anoth...
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The Queen’s (or her heir’s) English?

The Prince of Wales was in the news last week. As he isoften written about, that fact is not, in itself, newsworthy – at least not fora blog about writing and writers. What drew literary minded people’s interestwas his letter to President Macron after the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral inwhich he used a number of Americanised spellings, namely –ize instead of –ise. Theprince’s fuddy-duddy reputation as a traditionalist was under threat – had he fallenunder the influence of his new American daughter-in-law? Was he trying too hardto be ‘down with the kidz? Was ‘Westerncivilization’ (as he wrote) under threat from his expressions of sympathyfor the French in this ‘most agonizing oftimes’? As one ...
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U is for Uncouth #AtoZChallenge

For this year’s A to Z Challenge , I have chosen the theme of character flaws – something all characters need. U is for Uncouth . This character lacks the most common of social graces. They may eat with their mouth open, laugh loudly, scratch themselves in public, or not respect other people’s privacy. Uncouth characters can be offensive without realizing it. Others may see them as not just uncouth but unintelligent though the lack of social skills doesn’t have to correlate with their smarts. Looking for an example? Here are two from the animated world – Barney from the TV show The Simpsons and Shrek from the Shrek movies. Neither thinks anything about belching in public and their personal h...
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The review - Leaving Pandora - Bibiana Krall This is an excellent story about two people who love their freedom more than romance.  The author creates an original idea without passion in this relationship where love is platonic, not physical. They are a spiritual couple. What makes me fascinated is their distance when they were together. Even he introduced her to his family, they stayed between their boundaries. This is a paradox in this story, two people who are so independent but yet emotionally restricted.  There were respect and loyalty, but ego is a big obstacle to build a mature relationship. Maybe this couple is still on the level of the childish...
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Do You Believe In Karma?

Attract the Right Job or Clientele : A surprise email from Jason after many years and a conversation had him say, ‘I believe in karma.’ Many years have passed since we initially met at a business class and several years since speaking to one another. Old acquaintances should be brought to mind. My Story When Jason and I initially met, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale was in the process of being published. The purpose of our call was to hear my advice about writing books and the benefits of seeking out a publishing house. Similar to working with prospective clients, I asked questions of Jason to gain a better understanding of his goals for writing a book. And then I inquired about his current exper...
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Book Day

Today is the international book day, or so I am told – good internet practices require a blog post about the joy of books. The book that changed your life, the first book you read, the book you hate, the book you are reading right now… And yet, it’s not like we never talk about books hereabouts. Today, on the other hand, I was discussing with a friend and she asked me Why? More specifically: Why do you write? And it turns out that when you write, at least part of the reason has to do with why you read – and why other people read. So it fits perfectly the book day theme. And the answer to the question is not so simple. Because of course right now I can say “I write to pay the bills.” And I do...
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New Release Feature: Redeemed by author Maggie Blackbird

•.☆.•Redeemed by Maggie Blackbird•.☆.• There’s nothing he isn’t willing to do to win back his son–and Bridget… I am pleased to announce a great book release by Maggie, a talented author I met during my journey! Her new erotic multicultural … Continue reading → Original link

Author Interview

Author, Anca Vlasopolos Today I’m not posting about my own books or commenting on the ins-and-outs of indie publishing. I’m interviewing the fascinating former Michigan author, Anca Vlasopolos. Welcome to “Painting With Light,” Anca. Thank you. Glad to be here! You have a fascinating but somewhat frightening background. Can you tell us a little bit […] Original link Original author: Ron Herron

Laws of Nature NOT Taught in Physics Class

There are laws made by human beings. Those laws are often ignored and broken. Then there are laws of predictable constants, laws of physics, and laws of nature. These are essentially immutable. But there are also laws created by some unknown and mysterious power that are also seemingly inviolate. As much as we may try they cannot be ignored or broken. They seem to control us no matter what we do, AND they are NOT taught in physics class. The other day I received an email in which several of those incontrovertible laws were listed, along with the consequences they incorporate. So I thought I would share them with you. Read them, reflect and see how many you have already been subjected to. 1 ....
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AMS Advertising Hysteria Among #IndieAuthors?

advertising hysteria among #indieauthors?
It’s a question worth posing: is there some kind of advertising hysteria among #indieauthors? Hysteria: behavior exhibiting overwhelming or unmanageable fear or emotional excess. There are Facebook groups, how-to books, and ‘gurus’ scrambling to grab your money to ‘tell’ you the secrets to advertising your books on Amazon, Facebook, BookBub, and to a lesser extent, […] The post AMS Advertising Hysteria Among #IndieAuthors? appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

How differences between couples affect the relationship?

Did you ever wonder why you can't agree with some people? It doesn't have to be your fault or their problem, it is just a wrong connection. If you are attracted by a man who is so different from you and you are constantly fighting, it is just a wrong turn. People with various characters will attract each other at first sight.  It happens that sex is great. You love different things but you explore each other. You hate him and love him at the same time. You feel like on the battlefield, conflicts are part of your routine. Rebecca fell in love with Adam very fast. They were friends but sparks between them won the game, they slept together. Differences between them became obvious after a few mo...
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Ambassador De Literature: Motivational Strips

Ambassador De Literature
It was my honour and privilege to recently be awarded the gold medal of Ambassador De Literature by the founder of Motivational Strips, Shiju H. Pallithazheth. I must also thank Brenda Mohammed for nominating me. Brenda is a co-author of Death Among Us and runs her own Facebook group How to Write For Success which […] The post Ambassador De Literature: Motivational Strips appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

Resources, Resources, Who's Got The Resources?

Hey Everyone!! :-) I've got a little more of Alyce's adventure to share with you, today! Enjoy! :-) Excerpt from Answers From Alyce: "And, of course, we haven't even talked about resources." "Resources?" "Yep. Resources. Money, support personnel, equipment, these are all things that most independent news outlets have very little of, which means the number of stories they're able to investigate is limited. Mainstream media has lots of resources, but they rarely use them to do the kind of deep investigative journalism that only they are able to do." "Which further limits the information your people have access to." I shrugged. "Like I said before, we have lots of information. We're bombarded w...
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Vernon Hall & Other Stories Book Launch

The book launch for ‘Vernon Hall & Other Stories’ took place on Saturday 20th April, 2019 at the Marriott Hotel, Karachi. Guest speakers included: the highly intellectual Dr Nadya Chisty Mujahid and Mr Sirajuddin Aziz. The event received coverage in several newspapers including The News – International (London Edition)                                                               . Original link

Weird Western, First Draft

My weird western story is done, in first draft: two sessions, about four hours, 1600 words – which is fine, considering the call is for stories between 1000 and 5000. This call was different than usual, because it asked for a story to fit a pre-existing setting – it came with a set of characters, a place, a bit of background. It’s hard, but I like working this way, once in a while – it’s a good exercise, it’s good for discipline. Also, considering the proposed rate of payment, I needed to make it fast, or it would become anti-economic. I guess I did it. Now I’ll let it rest for the night, and have a go at it tomorrow morning – a little editing, and an extra 200/300 words because there is a p...
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Growing Your Online Footprint as an Author

steinchen on Pixabay Part of establishing your brand as an author is broadening your internet footprint.  This helps to ensure that if someone is looking for you, perhaps because they're considering buying your book on Amazon, you're easy to find.  I have a fairly common name, but if someone does a Google search using the terms "Ashley Peterson mental health", I want the majority of the hits that come up to be related to me, since my book  is about mental health.  A website/blog is one good way to establish a presence, but to really take charge of your personal brand, you need to get around a bit.  This is especially true if the words in your blog name are fairly generic, as is the case with...
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