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My new series: Ash Suspense Thrillers with a Dash of Romance

I'm so excited to share the news with you! My new series, Ash Suspense Thrillers with a Dash of Romance, will hit the shelves come January, with two books.  Both of them will be available to you sooner, in preorder mode, so please stay tuned... Coma Confidential Ashley finds herself in the ER diagnosed with coma. She has no memory of what has happened to her. Despite what everyone around her may think, Ash can listen to the conversations of her visitors. One of them in particular strikes her as a possible suspect in her recent rape.  For Ash, there is little time to gather clues: blackouts are happening not only in the hospital but in Irvine and other places in California, and the Russian ha...
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Music Monday: “What’s Up”

As you all know, I love Playing For Change. Here is their live performance of 4 Non Blondes’ big hit. Enjoy!   Original link


ABOUT THE BOOK To Fetch a Thief, the first Mutt Mysteries collection, features four novellas that have gone to the dogs. In this howlingly good read, canine companions help their owners solve crimes and right wrongs. These sleuths may be furry and low to the ground, but their keen senses are on high alert when it comes to sniffing out clues and digging up the truth. Make no bones about it, these pup heroes will steal your heart as they conquer ruff villains.

 Book Details:
 Title: To Fetch a Thief Authors: Teresa Inge, Heather Weidner, Jayne Ormerod, and Rosemary Shomaker Genre: Cozy mystery Series: Mutt Mysteries Publisher: Bay Breeze Publishing, LLC (November 8, 2018) Print length: 263 p...
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Welcome Back Author Angela Fattig!

It’s been a while but she’s back! The author of World Deception and The Broken Series plus many more. Now under her married name, Angela Novak is ready and better than ever. She has all new ideas and is ready to get them out to you. Amazon will still have all her previous books under the name Angela Fattig. To change that would be a nightmare! Below you will find new links to keep up to date on her latest books. Facebook Nova Beta Readers Group Goodreads Amazon - All of her books are on KU. Check them out! ***Remember her last name used to be Fattig FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME - All I Want For Christmas Is You Amazon US   UK   CA   AU   Audible US Audible UK Roping His Heart: Claiming My Cowboy ...
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Six-Word Story Challenges – “Fourth”, “Fifth”, “Sixth”, “Seventh”, “Eighth”, & “Ninth”.

#IndieAuthor #6WordStory #SciFi #Fantasy #Horror #Romance #SciFan #AnyGenre   Today’s challenge is: “Fourth” “Little hands reached for another cookie.” Today’s challenge is: “Fifth” “She added the scotch to mix.” Today’s challenge is: “Sixth” “I didn’t make the winner’s podium.” Today’s challenge is: “Seventh” “No rescue yet.” He added notch. Today’s challenge is: “Eighth” “Do we have enough place settings?” Today’s challenge is: “Ninth” “The golfer quit halfway through game.” Wow, the week slipped by – sorry about that. December is proving to be busy. Here’s a six-pack to bring me up to date. Feel free to post your answers on my website, FB, or wherever you happen to find this post. I look ...
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Learning more stuff

Here we go again: end of the year, new lists of MOOCs and online courses get published. So much to learn, so much knowledge availabe. And I realize that, as a product of the 1970s/1980s Italian school system, what I learned, deeply and inescapably, in school, is how to l earn. I like learning stuff. And so I went through the list of December MOOCs you can find on the OpenCulture website , and after spending half an hour checking the links and weighing the offer, I enrolled in two new courses. One, is an interesting thing called How music can change your life , offered by the University of Melbourne, and it sounds (aha!) like the sort of fun thing that might actually suggest new story ideas. ...
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A Whale of a Tale: Kirk Douglas, 102 y.o.

Original link

The oompa loompas are on strike

The KDP version of the latest BUSCAFUSCO ebook is taking forever to filter through the Amazon validation system. Is something wrong? Is the fact that in this adventure Buscafusco tackles the Chinese Triads and the Italian Copyright regulation authority part of the problem? Is the reference to the dark web and gambling? Are there nipples or other banned elements hidden somewhere in the book, of which I am unaware of? The mystery remains. It’s good to see that after these many years, Amazon keeps screwing up my accurately plotted launches. If you really need a fix of BUSCAFUSCO and you can’t wait for the oompa loompas to drag their backsides to work and do their job, you can of course go to Gu...
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The longest five days…Operation Compass, 9th December 1940

Mersa Matruh
When we think of the early months of the Second World War we often focus on the setbacks suffered by the Allies in Europe including the disastrous fall of France and the heroic rescue of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk. We also think of the losses we suffered in North Africa against Rommel and his Afrika Korps; but what is often forgotten is that our first adversary in Africa was not the Germans but the Italians and, for a time, things there were very different. Both Britain and Italy were intent on protecting their colonies in Africa. There were skirmished between the two sides but the Italian commander, Graziani, was doubtful that his largely un-mechanized force would be capab...
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Parking in Mexico

  Found this fellow parked on the street in town the other day. When I approached he pulled back abruptly. His owner, a little old lady, told me that he only liked her, no one else. I’m guessing that these two have been together for years. The owner changed from a baseball cap to the hat you see on the saddle, before mounting and riding away with her bags of groceries hanging from the saddle horn.                                 Original link

The Woodsman – a story for a winter evening.

            It had been a convivial evening. The young couple were pleasant, if the girl was a bit giggly and the young man rather ponderous. They said they were new teachers and were walking Hadrian’s Wall, at the start of the winter holiday. Arthur met them whilst out collecting firewood, got chatting, and invited them back to have supper with him and his wife. They didn’t get many visitors to their isolated cottage at this time of year, he said. He and Martha would love to have a bit of company.             Martha’s stew easily stretched to four helpings, along with the loaf of homemade bread. They opened a couple of cans of Strongbow, and then whilst they chatted about the history and ge...
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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore- Buy a Book for Christmas #Mystery Series – Mary Anne Edwards, Diana J. Febry, Judy Penz Sheluk and Toni Pike

Originally posted on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine : Time for some more book gift ideas from the Cafe and Bookstore and here is a selection of novels that any book lover would enjoy. As always when there is a series I will share book one and that is the case for the first author Mary Anne Edwards… Original link


ABOUT THE BOOK For culinary challenged Sarah Blair, there’s only one thing scarier than cooking from scratch—murder!
 Married at eighteen, divorced at twenty‑eight, Sarah Blair reluctantly swaps her luxury lifestyle for a cramped studio apartment and a law firm receptionist job in the tired hometown she never left. With nothing much to show for the last decade but her feisty Siamese cat, RahRah, and some clumsy domestic skills, she’s the polar opposite of her bubbly twin, Emily—an ambitious chef determined to take her culinary ambitions to the top at a local gourmet restaurant . . .
Sarah knew starting over would be messy. But things fall apart completely when her ex drops dead, seemingl...
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Sample Saturday, “Music, Mayhem and Bad Decisions,” with Bonus Track

M&M frt Verson 1
December 8 is a tough day for me. Even as I prepare for today’s book signing , I remember that 38 years ago today, John Lennon was murdered. Twenty-two years ago today, my maternal grandmother (for whom I am named) passed away. It’s a tough day, but it’s also one that put my feet on the road toward the music business so many years ago. Today’s sample is from my memoir about those years, Music, Mayhem and Bad Decisions ( click here for purchasing links ). The subsequent bonus track is David Bowie’s beautiful cover of “Imagine.” My first exposure to the Portland music scene came when I did something completely out of character for me. It was December 1980, and I skipped school to go downtown f...
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How an Author’s Consultant Can Cinch Your Book Deal

The Book Publicist As a book publicist, I am frequently asked to find a literary agent for my author clients. While I know many agents and publishers and work with them, it’s not what I do. But, from time to time, I find someone who can really help out my clients and I’ve found that person. Her name is Debra Englander. Debra Englander Debby has extensive editorial experience including reporting for Money, managing the Fortune Book Club and serving as editorial director at John Wiley for nearly 17 years. She currently works with authors on creating winning book proposals, editing manuscripts and content creation for online and print projects. Debby’s editorial service is unique. She’ll listen...
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December 2018 Giveaway #2

To celebrate the holiday season, each week in December I will be hosting a giveaway. This week is a 2019 Calendar and three Bookmarks. You must be willing to give me your mailing address if you are chosen as the winner of this giveaway. You MUST be on my email list or join my email list to be eligible to win. To enter: If you are already on my email list, simply enter your email address for the first entry in the rafflecopter form below. You will then be offered additional entries. If you are not already on my email list, complete the form on the right side of this page to join. You will receive an email to confirm. After confirming, enter your email address for the first entry in the raffle...
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Cover reveal for Coma Confidential

Ashley finds herself in the ER diagnosed with coma. She has no memory of what has happened to her. Despite what everyone around her may think, Ash can listen to the conversations of her visitors. One of them in particular strikes her as a possible suspect in her recent rape.  For Ash, there is little time to gather clues: blackouts are happening not only in the hospital but in Irvine and other places in California, and the Russian hackers who are intent on sabotaging the power grid are trying to blackmail her boyfriend, Michael, into helping their cause. And what better way for them to do it but by kidnapping her? In designing the cover for Coma Confidential, I wanted Ash to direct her gaze ...
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Books for Christmas #1

Christmas before time: yesterday my brother gave me two books as a gift, and I already started reading one, because it looked quite interesting – an impression that was confirmed by the first chapters. The book in question is Jade City, a fantasy novel by author Fonda Lee, set in a sort of early 20th century Hong Kong or Shanghai, but is not (this being a secondary world novel). The setting reminds me of movies like Shanghai Triad, and you can guess why I am so curious about it. The setting is fascinating, the action tight,and the novel comes with a staggering roster of accolades: it won both the World Fantasy Award and the Aurora Award, and it was a finalist for the Nebula, the Locus Award ...
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Meanwhile , in another corner of my life…

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While the Amazon oompa loompas do their job, Fun & Games , the third novelette in the BUSCAFUSCO series is up on Gumroad, in pdf, epub and mobi format, DRM-free. heck it out. Useless to say, my Patrons in the Five Bucks Brigade get it at a discounted price, and my upper tier patrons already got their free copies.  Because it is good to be my Patrons. ADDENDUM: both Women & Children and Ghosts & Shadows , the first two BUSCAFUSCO adventures, are now available through Gumroad as pdf, mobi and epub, DRM-free files. Original link