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The sound changed to something else. Fear.

If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here He remembered the way she had looked, not just on the night of the incident, when he had found her, but earlier, on the night of their first kiss. Now, she looked different. Gone were the wavy curls that used to ripple down to her shoulders. Michael was amazed by her new haircut. It was cropped short at the back, with spiky layers at the top. Her eyes looked larger, and there was a new expression in them, which he found hard to define. Sadness? No, something more intense. Rebellion. Against everything, it seemed. Against him, too. “Such a beauty, she is,” said Ash, pointing at the photograph. Detecting a hint of jealo...
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52 New Books by Hispanic and Latinx Authors to Read Now – Goodreads News & Interviews

Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect time to relish the latest works from beloved Hispanic and Latinx authors like Isabel Allende, Natalia Sylvester, and Julia Alvarez, as well as to discover debut writers such as Gabriella Burnham, Isabel Ibañez, and Aiden Thomas. 52 New Books by Hispanic and Latinx Authors to Read Now – Goodreads News & Interviews Please click through to the recommendation list; you may find several titles to add to your “to be read” shelf. I certainly did! Original link

Charles R. Saunders (1946-2020)

I have just learned of the passing away, early last week, of Charles R. Saunders, the author whose Imaro was the first character in a fantasy genre that would come to be known as Sword & Soul, and whose catalog included some of the best fantasy produced in the second half of the 20th century. I am absolutely devastated – no more than two weeks ago, I was suggesting Charlse Saunders’ books to a contact that was looking for some different take in sword & sorcery – and the recent reprint of the first Imaro book was just what he needed. For me, Imaro was, with Elric, the first sign that there was life beyond Conan, and I still have my trade paperback of the first volume. It’s time for a thorough...
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Housekeeping tips

Originally posted on bluebird of bitterness: ❧ Layers of dirt on windows and screens provide a helpful filter against harmful rays from the sun. Consider it an SPF and leave it alone. ❧ Cobwebs draped over lampshades reduce glare from the bulb, thereby creating a romantic atmosphere. If your husband suggests that the light fixtures…Original link

Novels are made of tiny details | A Writer of History

I often write the broad strokes of a story first with the basics of setting, the primary actions that occur and the dialogue that moves the story along while revealing each character’s emotions and motivations. On another pass, I add emotional reactions, inner dialogue and telling details. Like any other genre, historical fiction readers appreciate small details of setting, clothing, facial expressions and so on and, in particular, those that transport them in time and place. Novels are made of tiny details | A Writer of HistoryOriginal link


One of the good things I managed to do this month has been delivering (finally) the translation of my friend Francesca’s book about witches in Lombardy. Now the translation is in her hands – she’ll have to check I got all the plant names and other technicalities right, and then the book will hit the Amazon shelves.We hope to have it out by Halloween. The book is quite interesting, as it is a mix of brief essays and short stories, providing insight on many of the stories and legends – but also historical facts – about witchcraft in Northern Italy and in particular in Lombardy and in the Lake Como area. When the book becomes available, I’ll make sure to put a shout-out here on my blog – this h...
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Why I started to write?

I am talking about my motives, what inspires me, and why I decided to write. Subscribe to my channel for comment.Original linkOriginal author: Kristina Gallo

The Monstrous Regiment of Women

The Latinate phrase ‘monstruous regiment’ means ‘unnatural rule’, and in a highly misogynistic pamphlet in 1558 the Scottish Protestant reformer, John Knox, argued that the idea of women ruling (he was thinking specifically of the Catholic queen, Mary Tudor, at the time) goes against the laws of God and nature. He argued that female rule challenged the God-given authority of men over women, and that women are incompetent to rule, being weak, foolish and cruel by nature, and lacking the masculine capacities necessary to govern. He clearly had very decided opinions about women – albeit not very high ones. Did you, like I once did, think that the word woman came from Old English wo(from)man? Li...
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Recipe of the Month – Spaghetti Bake

My daughter had good luck picking taco casserole for a dinner that she has continued to suggest other meals.  This one came for the Delish website. Since she likes spaghetti this seemed like the perfect fit for her. While it was good (needs more sauce), I don’t think I would choose this over a regular plate of spaghetti.     Ingredients Cooking spray16 oz. spaghetti2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil1 medium yellow onion, finely chopped2 cloves garlic, minced1 lb. ground beefkosher saltground black pepper1 tsp. Italian seasoning1 (28-oz.) can crushed tomatoes1/2 c. basil, chopped1 c. shredded mozzarella1/4 c. freshly grated Parmesan Directions Preheat oven to 350°. Grease a medium baking dish wit...
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Special Guest Interview with Rebecca Lipkin, Author of Unto This Last, a biographical novel about the life of John Ruskin

New on Amazon UK and from all major booksellersLondon, 1858. Passionate, contradictory, and fiercely loyal to his friends, John Ruskin is an eccentric genius, famed across Britain for his writings on art and philosophy. Haunted by a scandalous past and determined never to love again, the 39-year-old Ruskin becomes infatuated with his enigmatic young student, Rose La Touche, an obsession with profound consequences that will change the course of his life and work.  I'm pleased to welcome author Rebecca Lipkin to The Writing Desk:Tell us about the bookUnto This Last is a portrait of the complex personal life of John Ruskin, one of the most influential men of the past 200 years, and in particula...
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Alice Renaud – Mermaids Marry in Green

Today, I have author Alice Renaud in the interview chair.  She’s here to talk about her latest release Mermaids Marry in Green, book three in the Sea of Love series.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** 1. Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird

Six-Word Story Challenge – “Spoiler”

Warning: These can be addictive.Original link

Writing stories as a kid

I found this incredible video this morning, in which Mary Robinette Kowal illustrates her approach to writing short fiction. It was something I fired up while taking a break for breakfast, and I found myself taking notes. Because it was that good. But apart from the excellent content, there was something else that gave me pause: the lesson was presented in front of a room full of kids. As in high school kids. And I found myself wondering what would have been of me, had I access to high-quality writing instruction when I was in high school. I started writing around fourteen or fifteen. I had a handful of old Ike Asimov articles about writing as a guide, a few schoolmates as readers… and that’...
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It Was Twenty Years Ago Today …

Twenty years ago today, I was at my first-ever fan convention, for the Highlander TV show. It was also my first time using a passport; I had never been out of the United States before. Part of the event was a book signing at Chapters Indigo in Vancouver, BC … where it is now possible to buy my books on-line. My husband found my scrapbook from the event during our on-going clean-up/clear out … and I took this photo from one of the pages. I had a splendid time. Original link

Special Guest Post by Susanne Dunlap, Author of The Paris Affair, A Theresa Schurman Mystery

Available for pre-order from Amazon UK and Amazon USMarie Antoinette is facing hostility from the populace, inflamed by rumors circulated in pamphlets throughout Paris. The rumors claim that she has dozens of lovers, drinks the blood of poor people, holds satanic masses at Versailles, and more, when nothing could be further from the truth. On the advice of the handsome, enigmatic Captain von Bauer, Joseph II—emperor of Austria and Marie Antoinette’s brother—decides that mystery-solving violinist Theresa Schurman is the ideal candidate for a spy to discover the source of these vile slanders. Surprise! Research is important—even when you think you know it all. When you’re writing a historical ...
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M.E. – You, Always You

Today, I’m hosting author M.E. and their latest release You, Always You, a m/m contemporary romance. Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** Book Title: You. Always you. Author: M.E. Publisher: Perin Cover Artist: M.E. Release Date: September 15, 2020 Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance Trope/s: Mild age play, Daddy Kink, Power play, hurt/comfort Themes: … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird


  ABOUT THE BOOK Known for its mouthwatering traditional breads, the Yeast of Eden bakery has gained fame across Northern California’s coast. Now the shop is bound for Reality TV—but a murder may kill its reputation . . .People come to the beach town of Santa Sofia as much for the healing properties of Yeast of Eden’s breads as for a vacation getaway. And now a cable food channel has selected the bakery as a featured culinary delight for a new show. Baking apprentice Ivy Culpepper is excited as the crew arrives, ready to capture all the ins and outs of the renowned bread shop. But instead they capture something much harder to stomach: the attempted murdered of the show’s cameraman just outsi...
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Southern California Sunset~

Smoky sky from a birds eye view~ Note: California is currently burning. This photo was taken a year ago this month, when there was a brief break between major fires, but still smoke in the sky.Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist

A story idea in a typo

Today I tweeted about the fact that I have so far submitted 53 stories in 2020. But because I’m the worst typist on the planet (and possibly in the whole system), I tweeted, in fact, about having submitted 53 stories in the year 202. Trying not to look too stupid, I tweeted again and joked about the year 202 AD, also known as the Year of the Consulship of Severus and Antoninus.But there’s more, because 202 AD was the year in which female gladiators were banned in Rome. And I thought… isn’t that a great idea for a story? So here I am, thinking about an out-of-work former gladiatrix… what a promising character!And yes, I know there’s a movie about that featuring Pam Grier, but let’s not dwell ...
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Listen to Master Zii read Wilbur’s story

Master Zii does a great job and has fun reading Wilbur’s story. Stop by and listen in. Bet you’ll love it. Wilbur is bouncing on his tires because he’s so excited. #childrensbooks #MasterZii’sStorytime #Jakia, #picturebooks #ATractorNamedWilbur The post Listen to Master Zii read Wilbur’s story appeared first on Author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne. Original link

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