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Her newest release kept me glued to my seat

A great review by Kindred Spirit for  Overdose : Kindred Spirit 5.0 out of 5 stars A Terrific Read Perfect For Halloween October 18, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase Uvi Poznansky's newest release kept me glued to my seat. Overdose, lured me in on page one then further enticed me with each page turn, immersing me into a gripping medical thriller––and looking over my shoulder as if I was only one step away from the villain. The third book in Poznansky's captivating series, this story won’t leave readers lost if they read the story first. But should they read these stories in order, they'll be rewarded and stunned at how this USA Today Bestselling Author weaves past characters int...
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Music Monday: “Cry Baby”

Me with Mary Bridget Davies
Your intrepid author, with Mary Bridget Davies Hi, everyone. Last week, I saw an amazing show entitled “A Night with Janis Joplin.” The star, Mary Bridget Davies, received a Tony Award nomination in 2014 for her performance. I had an absolute blast at the show, and was fortunate enough to meet Mary Bridget afterward.   Enjoy her brilliant interpretation of “Cry Baby.”   Original link

Shame, Shame, Shame: On Brené Brown, Diamond Formation, and the Writing Life

Brené Brown’s work on shame is powerful indeed. Sonja Livingston talks about how we can use our shame as a jumping-off place for our work as authors. BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog By Sonja Livingston I’ve recently fallen into a YouTube rabbit hole. This is partly because I cancelled Netflix and am hard up for video content, but also because I have a book just out and no one tells you how tender that space is. The last three videos I watched were: Alain de Botton’s “On Love,” Patty Griffin and Robert Plant singing “Ohio,” and an extended clip of bestselling author and inspirational speaker, Brené Brown. I admire Brené Brown and trust her. She has the kind of haircut I’m always after and a Texas a...
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October-ween Book, Blog & Trailer Block Party

Welcome to the Rave Reviews Book Club’s October-ween Book, Blog & Trailer Block Party which will run the entire month of October. At each stop on the tour, there will be DAILY GIVEAWAY PRIZES and all you have to do to earn a chance at winning is to read the blog post or the contents of that post, and then leave a comment.  At the end of each day, there will be a winner or winners announced and at the end of the entire tour, there will also be GRAND PRIZE WINNERS! Here’s what I’m giving away today: Four $5.00 Amazon gift cards and Kindle versions of all three books in the award-winning Finding Billy Battles Trilogy–a total of FIVE gifts. Please take a look at a couple of trailers for the Tril...
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Dropping one of my volunteering jobs

Time. It is the one thing I always wish I had more of. There never seems to be enough time to get everything – writing, work, volunteering, parenting, housekeeping – done. So, I finally decided to give up one of my volunteer jobs – Activities Committee Chair for our neighborhood. I am not sure how much time this will free up, and honestly, I am not dropping it because I don’t have time. I am dropping it as my children are getting older and I am tired of not having help with our 3 activities we do each year. I joined the Activities committee back in 2007 – I think. I am not totally sure how long I have been a member. I do know that I was on the newsletter committee from 2005 to 2015. That is ...
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Inteachán – Book One: The Song of the NotBeSpeak 1: 10 ‘Fomhóire’

Mac stopped reading. He turned to Inteachán. ‘Every civilisation has its own names for spirits and faeries and demons and balrogs and wights. Here we have always tended to use the word ‘Fomhóire.’’ Mac smiled. ‘We have always known them this way but I now know them as another – the NotBeSpeak.’ ‘But what are they?’ asked Inteachán. ‘I don’t understand.’ Mac smiled again. ‘How could you?’ he said kindly. ‘They are Everything and Nothing at once. All and Nought together.’ Original link

Are Women Opened to Dating a Gay/Bisexual Man? By Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All I don’t know if it’s a stigma now, but women have been dating gay/bisexual men since the beginning of time. I know of someone who dated and married a gay/bisexual man back in the late 50s. And everyone knew about his lifestyle, including his mate. Of course back then people didn’t make a public announcement about their sexual orientation, but with the onset of social media, everybody’s business seems to be an open book. I am not into sharing, so I would never knowingly marry a gay/bisexual man.  And there are other important issues at play here, which the books Broken and Broken Hearted 2: Secrets Revealed by Charlotte Marshall-Murray touch on. So, my question is : Would you...
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Ending Blog

I will be moving this blog to my website. For updates, giveaways, and snippets, please following me. Original link

Don’t Let Your Confidence Issues Stop You From Writing – Novelty Revisions

A writer who isn’t confident can always grow. If there is something you don’t like about yourself — a habit or certain traits, for example — you can set a goal to work on improving upon those parts of you. For a writer, “not having confidence” is not a permanent fixture. Over time, you can work toward feeling more confident in the things you are writing, submitting, and publishing. Been having a crisis of confidence myself. This was timely. via Don’t Let Your Confidence Issues Stop You From Writing – Novelty Revisions Original link

When Writing, is Less More?

This is going to be a short piece. And quite right too as I write today in praise of short books. There seem to be more and more lengthy books being published these days, despite the increasing competition for a reader’s time from TV streaming, boxed sets etc. Think about Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries, in which the first chapter alone is over 360 pages. It’s not surprising therefore that in a recent survey inBritain over 50% of respondents admitted they hadn’t actually finished a bookthey had started. Why, you may ask, has the author written 800+ pages, whenthey could have said it all in 200? Is this poor editing?  A problem with self-publishing?  A refusal to kill any sentence after all t...
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Honesty in advertising – what a concept. Be sure to read the fine print. Original link

Raiders of the Lost Franchise: The People that Time Forgot

I first saw 1977 The People that Time Forgot at the local parish cinema. It was probably 1979, I had not yet seen the previous movie in the series and yes, I was thirteen and I was quite impressed by Dana Gillespie’s, ehm… presence. So sue me. The movie is the direct sequel of the 1974 film scripted by Moorcock and Cawthorn and based on the first of the three Caprona novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Moorcock & Cawthorn were no longer on board, but the movie still could rely on the production of John Dark, the direction of Kevin Connor, and on Doug McClure in a supporting role akin to the one played by Charlton Heston in Beneath the Planet of the Apes. And the comparison is not so out of place...
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Inteachán – Book One: The Song of the NotBeSpeak 1: 9 ‘Cataclysm’

‘Every infection needs a host,’ said Mac, ‘and the NotBeSpeak need the biggest host of all; the world.’ ‘How do we stop them?’ asked Inteachán. ‘How do you stop them,’ Mac corrected her. ‘I am old and my days of fighting inter-dimensional demons intent upon cataclysm are long gone.’ ‘How do I stop them?’ ‘They can only be stopped by preventing them from taking their final form.’ Mac smiled sadly. ‘If we know what final form they wish to take then that is how we can stop them.’ He paused. ‘But, I am only now beginning to understand what form their final form will take.’ Original link

Ayden K. Morgen – Fight for You

Today, author Akyden K. Morgen is blogging at my little place on the net.  Find out who her favourite TV detectives are. And check out her latest release Fight for You, book one in the A Warrior for Her series, a contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** I love a good … Continue reading Original link Original author: Maggie Blackbird

Huge #Romance Sale! Fan the Flames #Free #99c #Books #amreading #Kindle

A little teaser from GULL HARBOR... on sale for 99 pennies! Ready to add some heat to these crisp fall nights?  Check out Fan the Flames , a collection of 48 Romance novels all FREE or on SALE for 99c!  This is a limited time promotion, and the sale dates for these titles run from October 19th to the 31st.   My #1 Amazon and B&N Bestseller GULL HARBOR is part of this book sale, and this story is perfect for the Halloween season...second-chance romance mixed with a ghost mystery for both steamy romance and spooky suspense! Gull Harbor is usually $4.99, so grab a copy during the limited time sale! A dangerous ghost and an ex-boyfriend await psychic Claire Linden in Cape Cod's GULL HARBOR ... H...
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Just kids having fun

You really can’t take a moment off. Back online, and people are bickering on facebook. Big news, uh? Only in this case is something that touches upon my job (for what it is), my livelihood (ditto), and something I like very much, and therefore I consider “my own”. Now, I have mentioned in the past how Italian politics have been trying to polarize popular culture since at least the fifties – from music mags labelling prog rock as right wing and singer-songwriters as left wing, to the old classic SF is left, fantasy is right, to the opening of “Hobbit Camps” where like-minded individuals could debate the merits of J.R.R. Tolkien, Julius Evola and Mussolini. It would be silly, and ridiculous, w...
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Fourth of July receives Five Stars from Readers' Favorite

My short story Fourth of July has today received five stars from Readers' Favorite.I'm delighted with this wonderful praise for my work.

Black out

As you are reading this, we are offline – they are doing some maintenance work on the next street, and the whole neighborhood will be off the electrical grid until 2 pm. So we have a double plan, me and my brother. If it’s a good day, we’ll go for a long walk. If it’s foggy or rainy, then Plan B will be stay in and catch up with our reading. I am trying to put together a Halloween story, and being in the middle of nowhere without electricity is a good source of inspiration. Original link

Inteachán – Book One: The Song of the NotBeSpeak 1: 8 ‘The What-be-Speak?’

It was growing dark outside. Inteachán pulled the curtains over the window. In the orange glow of the lamp Mac looked even more ancient than normal. Inteachán sat down on the small footstool in front of the fire. ‘What are the What-Be-Speak?’ she asked. ‘Not ‘What,” Mac replied, ‘but Why.’ He looked into the distance. ‘I have spent my whole adult life searching for an answer to that question. I am no closer to the answer now than I was when I started.’ He blew his nose vigorously. ‘In fact, I’m probably further away today than I have ever been.’ Original link

Special Guest Interview with Clare Rhoden, Author of The Stars in the Night

Available of Amazon UK and Amazon US Harry Fletcher is a confident young man, sure that he will marry Nora, no matter what their families say. He will always protect Eddie, the boy his father saved from the gutters of Port Adelaide. Only the War to End All Wars might get in the way of Harry’s plans… I'm pleased to welcome Australian author Clare Rhoden to The Writing Desk: Tell us about your latest book My Great War novel was published earlier this year. It’s unashamedly Australian and based partly on my own family’s arrival in Port Adelaide in January 1914, but mostly on my research into Australian WWI literature. What is your preferred writing routine? Anytime the dog is asleep, LOL! Lucki...
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