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Is John Wayne a Racist Symbol?

I wrote John Wayne’s obituary for the Chicago Tribune in 1979. At the time, I was the newspaper’s West Coast Bureau Chief, and the “Duke” had just passed away at age 72 from stomach cancer. It was a tough obit to write. I had grown up on John Wayne movies—especially classics like 1956’s “The Searchers,” and director John Ford’s iconic “cavalry trilogy” (“Fort Apache,” “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,” and “Rio Grande”). There are so many unforgettable Wayne films that I can name from the 200 or so he made. There is 1948’s “Red River” about the first cattle drive from Texas to Kansas along the Chisholm Trail. There was 1949’s “The Sands of Iwo Jima” in which he plays tough and demanding Sergeant Jo...
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VIRO – the Book Series – NEWS FLASH

As a viral outbreak turns the world into bloodthirsty creatures, a boy with special needs looks for his missing mum. ‘The writing style is beautifully compelling, and after the first couple of pages I couldn’t put it down. The author very skilfully creates a world and characters through deceptively simple prose that draws the reader right in. It is a fascinating blend of one-after-the-other edge-of-the seat scares, alongside a haunting narrative about what it is to be human.’ ‘Capturing the voice of a young character with special needs (I spent 25 years as a special education teacher/administrator), Taylor’s story of a group of young people coping with a world disintegrating in front of them...
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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale – Get Reflection, Retribution and Resurrect for 2 Bucks #romantic suspense #thrillers

Until July 31st, you can get Reflection for FREE, Retribution for $1.00 (75% off) and Resurrect for $1.00 (75% off) during Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale!  “(Reflection) Holds you captive to the very end.”– New York Times Bestseller, Dianna Love “(Retribution) Delivers twists until the very last word.” — Stacy Green, international bestselling author of Tin God “(Resurrect) A swiftly-paced page-turner that pulls you in and doesn’t let go until the gripping end.” – Rick Mofina, International Bestselling Author of LAST SEEN **Reflection has some graphic sex scenes**   Original link

July Updates

To view this content, you must be a member of J. I. Rogers's Patreon at $1 or more - Click "Read more" to unlock this content at the sourceOriginal link

Alpha Titles Book Challenge O

Here are my favorite "O" titles for the #alphatitles book challenge:Out of Control ~ Suzanne BrockmannOne Wish ~ Linda Lael MillerOn Mystic Lake ~ Kristin HannahObsessed ~ Delilah DevlinOpen for Business ~ AnthologyHave you read any of these books?Share your favorites in the comments!❦        amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";amzn_assoc_search_bar = "Original link

The Remarkable Life of a Reluctant Hero

All authors are emotionally engaged with their protagonists. I am no exception. I want readers to love my characters as much as I do. That means creating a flawed, three-dimensional protagonist who still has “things to work out.” The Finding Billy Battles series follows Billy from his roots in Kansas, through his career as a journalist, to his final years. Along the way, Billy makes both good and bad choices–just as we all do. He does some extraordinary things–things that some might call “heroic.” But is Billy a hero?  Today’s post is meant to introduce the topic of “heroes”–and heroines–and get us all thinking about what kinds of heroes and heroines readers will love. What Is a Hero? The Ca...
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Love #Paranormal? 46 #Free #Books in the #Supernatural Book Fair! #amreading #angels #vampires #shifters

Art of the Arcane has organized an all-genre book fair with two common threads...first, all titles have a supernatural element, and second, they are all FREE with author newsletter sign-up!  Vampires, Shifters, and the Supernatural runs from July 6th to July 20th, and 46 books are up for grabs!  I'm thrilled one of my titles, Divine Fall, is included in the fair...this award-winning paranormal romance involves angels...or rather, the Nephilim, which are the forbidden race of half-humans, half-angels mentioned in the Bible.  Revenge, Romance, and a Rogue Fallen Angel collide in DIVINE FALLVisit the Vampires, Shifters, and Supernatural Fair HERE and fill up your e-reader for free!  Original li...
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Vacationing during the pandemic

Well, if you have watched the news lately, you know that COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing here in Texas. In fact, San Antonio is in the top 10 COVID hot spots in the U.S. This is not the list you want to be on. Originally, before this whole mess came about – way before 2020 started my parents, brother and I planned a June trip to New Orleans. That went out the window when New Orleans was listed as a hot bed for COVID 19 cases in April. In May, as things were going well in San Antonio, we planned to replace the New Orleans trip with one to South Padre Island so the kids could enjoy the beach, which had recently opened. We had no clue when we booked the trip what restaurants would be open. All ...
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Ennio Morricone – 1928-2020

Ennio Morricone wrote the soundtrack for dozens of movies and basically provided musical accompaniment for the dreams of a lot of people out there.He is gone now, but his music remains. Music like this… Original link

Beth Bolden – Extraordinary Things

Today, I’m hosting author Beth Bolden and her latest release Extraordinary Things, book four in the Star Shadow series, a m/m rock star romance. **** Book Title: Extraordinary Things (Star Shadow #4) Author: Beth Bolden Publisher: Beth Bolden Books Cover Artist: Cate Ashwood Designs Genre/s: MM Rock Star Romance, Existing Couple Heat Rating: 3 flames … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird

In love, in war

Marriage Before Death: WWII Spy Thriller audiobook cover art
LISTENER Becky Marriage Before Death: WWII Spy ThrillerStill Life with Memories, Book 5By: Uvi PoznanskyNarrated by: Don Warrick  In love, in war.  Overall  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️    5 out of 5 starsPerformance  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️    5 out of 5 starsStory  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️    5 out of 5 starsReviewed: 07-06-20WW II novel. Romance, more than romance... A couple, Lenny and Natasha, fighting in the war. Danger, more than danger...their lives are on the edge. How they survive to grow old together.....Uvi Poznansky writes with such feeling and clarity, you feel you are there. So, so good. Warning: Pick up one of her books and you'll be reading them all!I listened to Audible version and Don Warrick is Lenny to me. He is an...
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      Dance with me until the moon hides its face, and the sun attempts to quicken the pace. From the sunlight vampires turn their face, And dancers twirl to the light’s frenzied pace. PREY FOR THE DEAD by… Continue reading → Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist

And then you find this photo…

Yes, that’s Harpo Marx.Yes, that’s Amelia Earhart. Original link

The stories of Smoke

A few days ago I was told (once again) that I should find me an alias (as if…) to “differentiate my offer” and “avoid confusing my readers” – the poor creatures being of the sort, apparently, that might be shocked and confused to find I write historical fantasy, science fiction, occasionally horror, thrillers and adventure.And confused readers apparently stop buying your stories. Now, I usually assume my readers are strong-willed enough not to be scared off by the fact that a story of mine does not fall in the same genre as the previous. And indeed, I usually point out a number of excellent writers that wrote across all the spectrum of fiction without changing their names.I usually mention C...
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Book Launch Spotlight ~ Final Chance, by E.B. Roshan

New on Amazon UK and Amazon USThree months have passed since Preen learned that her husband, Rama, was captured and killed by a rival militia. Now the pieces of her shattered life are falling back into place. It's getting easier to breathe again. Preen finds herself smiling over her daughter's antics. She's engaged to her wealthy, handsome cousin, who loved her long before Rama stole her heart. Then, late one night, Rama calls. He asks Preen to come back to the dangerous city of Dor, back to the life she thought she'd left behind forever...# # #About the AuthorE.B. Roshan has enjoyed a nomadic lifestyle for several years, living in the Middle East and Asia, but is now temporarily settled in ...
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Stop Trying to Make Sense of it & Just Kneel, Guilty White Person

For the next several days I am reposting commentaries from Americans of all races and occupations who are as concerned as I am about this ongoing attempt to rewrite history and obliterate our country from within. I hope you will find them as illuminating and significant as I have. Stop Making Sense by Kurt Schlichter It is not transcendently stupid for the alleged anti-racism rioters to destroy a Lincoln statue, though, to normal people, it looks like the act of drooling morons. Now, a good number of these “cesspeople” are drooling morons, but that does not change the fact that trashing POTUS #16’s statuary is brilliant. They have confused their targets – us – by casting off the constraints ...
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Is Book Collecting Just for Freaks?

Rick Gekoski is an American book collector who now lives in the UK. To be precise, he makes a living by collecting rare books and selling them on at a considerable profit. He is also a writer of some repute, an academic and former university lecturer (and the ex-husband of a therapist I consulted briefly when my son was long-term ill – I feel almost a family connection!) Despite his love of old books, he is puzzled by the obsessive nature of some book collectors, particularly those who will pay huge sums of money for old books that are still pristine and have clearly not been read. After all, old paintings and furniture are enhanced by the patina of age, why not books? A not so pristine copy...
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    5 Stars Review of PREY FOR THE DEAD From excellent writing and grammar to amazing storytelling I highly recommend this book! Now, this author has a new fan.  Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist

Jaxon Altieri – In the Line of Fire

Today, author Jason Alitieri is guesting at my blog.  He’s here to talk about his latest release In the Line of Fire, a m/m action/suspense romance.  And don’t forget to enter not one, but two giveaways. **** Hey all, Jaxon Altieri here doing a guest post. When I originally wrote my book In the Line … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird

New CommWealth Paperbacks

New CommWealth paperbacks
The CommWealth system, introduced just six months ago, has outlawed all private property–including the right to your own body. Two paperback editions are now out for the republished CommWealth: Amazon trade mass market paperback eBook versions are also available: Smashwords eBookKindle eBook And there is a new CommWealth interview on Smashwords. Overview Introduced six months ago, the CommWealth system has outlawed private property. As the story opens, playwright Allan Larson is walking in the rain, spies a new Porsche, and demands the owner relinquish the car. By law, the owner must comply. Everything is free in this society. You just ask for it. To avoid subtle retaliatio...
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