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2020 First Lines Contest

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First Lines Contest 2020: The Trip
Alex Palange Alex Palange October 06, 2019 0
Category: Fiction / Erotica
Lovely sunny days are a rarity. When they decide to come by, you take the complete advantage of the situation and bask under the vibrant rays. That is what Alex was doing too.

First Lines Contest 2020: Jaguar
Carl HackmanCarl Hackman October 01, 2019 0
Category: Fiction / Fantasy
Her eyes of fire burned through the darkness, fueled by hatred so intense the very center of her soul was a furnace. Valaria's amber coat rippled in the moonlight as she glared through the mesh of her enclosure. A low, threatening growl rose from deep inside her chest.

First Lines Contest 2020: The Keys: Voice of the Turtle
Karen Hulene BartellKaren Hulene Bartell September 28, 2019 0
Category: Fiction /
  • Fantasy
  • Ghost

Brett drove past row after row of spiny lobster traps stacked like wooden pallets before arriving at the marina restaurant. “We’re here, Auggie.” Ruth ended her call while she glanced in the sun visor’s mirror.

First Lines Contest 2020: Britfield and the Lost Crown
C R StewartC R Stewart August 26, 2019 0
Category: Fiction / Teens
“Number forty-seven! Stop chattering to thirty-four and get back to work, immediately!” Speckle shouted from across the room. “Yes sir . . . back to work . . . right away,” replied Tom instinctively, pretending to be a dutiful servant. He knew too well that talking violated the sacred Weatherly Rule Book, a seventy-five-page document of laws and regulations all orphans had to memorize when they arrived.

First Lines Contest 2020: Leaves of Three
Janae MitchellJanae Mitchell August 26, 2019 0
Category: Fiction / Young Adult
Ivy Jordan—A name that'll haunt me the rest of my life. My friends warned me to stay away from her, but their warnings only made me that much more curious. Not only was I intrigued to know why she came with a warning label, but she was undeniably hot.

First Lines Contest 2020: Lost in a Quatrain
Adiela AkooAdiela Akoo Updated August 29, 2019 1
Category: Non-Fiction / Poetry
Dare I awaken dreams Long forgotten, Dare I even touch?! Dare I say words Long comatose, Dare I erupt?! Dare I resuscitate Asleep within, The Bard I used to love?!

First Lines Contest 2020: Heroic
Bill DelvauxBill Delvaux July 18, 2019 0
Category: Non-Fiction / Religion
It’s an ordinary family photo, yet if you look closer, it contains the contradiction of the ages.

First Lines Contest 2020: Lbq
Catherine EdwardCatherine Edward June 22, 2019 0
Category: Fiction / Fantasy
Blood was the essence to his madness. The hunt was on. The adrenaline in his veins, kept the creature thrilled. He found no delight in mundane things. What mattered was the chase. And the kill.

First Lines Contest 2020: The Unfettered Child
Michael C. SahdMichael C. Sahd June 16, 2019 0
Category: Fiction / Fantasy
“In all the countless moons of my life, I have never met an elf, Abizou.” The strong, deep voice emanated from what seemed to be a human skeleton into a throne room that appeared richly decorated, yet devoid of life. Even as it spoke, the skeleton sat motionless on its marble throne, its bones loosely wrapped in gold-embroidered, red-and-white silk robes.

9 results - showing 1 - 9